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Abel's Express provide you with 24/7 on-demand pick-up and delivery service throughout the continental United States. Before you ship with us, see our shipping tips to ensure that your package is delivered safely and intact.

Safer deliveries start with our shipping tips

Choose the right packaging material for your shipment. Sturdy boxes are a must. Never use damaged, damp, or thin boxes. Corrugated boxes with intact flaps are preferable. For documents, blueprints, and maps, triangular tubes work better to protect your items.

Our shipping tips

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Proper cushioning of your shipment (approximately 5-8 centimeters of packaging material around the item) helps keep your item secure and reduces the chances the item will shift and break through the duration of its travels.


Don't overload your box - it is always better to package items in multiple boxes than to try and make one box work.


Don't want to spend extra money on materials? Use household items; shredded paper or newspaper is useful in providing extra cushioning for your shipment. Although it is not as durable and ideal as other materials, and it can lose its shape rather quickly, it is handy in a pinch!


Take advantage of strapping as a means of securing and sealing your package for shipment. If a strapping machine is not available, you can make use of wide pressure sensitive plastic tape. Do not substitute scotch tape, duct tape, or masking tape.


Always be sure to label your packages - use arrow up labels, mark the weight, specify if the item is fragile or heavy, etc. This helps each person who is handling your package be more cautious when transporting your items.